Mystery Dolls


I read an article by Tim Hunter in Collecting Figures Magazine - (Dec 96) that there is supposed to be a New York Islander's Bank (a team in the NHL since 1972) similar to the NY Ranger's Bank and also a  Minnesota North Stars doll (a team in the NHL since 1967). I would presume that if the Minnesota doll existed, it was a Gold Base Series doll. Hunter also made reference to the Islanders bank in his bobbin ghead from 2000.

As of July 2015, long time memorabilia dealer and collector Carl Laron shared with me a copy of a March 1973 New York Islanders game program that had a Harry M. Stevens souvenir advertisement that listed a bobbing head doll for the New York Islander's. As you can see below,  there was no picture. Carl said that years ago, he saw a picture of an Islanders BANK that part of someones collection.

If anyone owns or has pictures of these dolls, please send me a picture or owner's name!



I have a standing question for any of you readers or hockey doll collectors - I want to know when some of the minor league dolls were first sold. If you know or remember buying or seeing some of these dolls in the arenas where they were sold, send me an email. The minor league dolls did not have dates on the bottom of the bases. The Baltimore Clippers & the Portland Buckaroos for example, had their own mold designs so I am not sure exactly when they were produced. If you have any old advertisements that refer or show hockey dolls, that would be greatly appreciate too. THANKS