The Regular series was created in 1962. They stand 6 1/4" +/- 1/4" tall and have a 2 1/2-inch square base. The NHL team dolls had a "1962" and "Japan" stamped on the bottom of the base or a blue oval shaped sticker that said "JAPAN" (see pictures below). The NHL dolls had decals on the base and chest. The Regular series dolls used a unique spring that had 4 large coils (at the head) with a 1" long stem that attaches to the neck post with 2 small coils. An example of a Montreal Canadiens box is pictured below. I was told that Detroit Redwings dolls were advertised in Detroit Redwings game programs in 1964. No pictures were shown but they were selling for $1.25 each. (Notice the original cardboard neck protector for shipping on the Montreal Canadiens doll.) A box for the Regular series dolls could add $5.00 - $15.00 to dolls value. They were plain and had limited markings.

There were 11 teams (13 dolls) included in this mold design: (6 NHL / 5 Minor League)

  1. Boston Bruins ------------ NHL since 1924
  2. Chicago Blackhawks --- NHL since 1926
  3. Detroit Redwings -------- NHL since 1932 
  4. Montreal Canadiens ---- NHL since 1917
  5. New York Rangers ------ NHL since 1926  (2 base decal variations & 1 PAD-PRINTED variation)
  6. Toronto Maple Leafs --- NHL since 1926
  7. *Johnstown Jets --------- EAHL (1950-53), IHL (1953-55), EHL (1955-73), NAHL (1973-77) 
  8. *Port Huron Flags ------- IHL (1962-71) & (1974-81)
  9. *Saint Paul Rangers --- Central Hockey League (1963-66)
  10. **Hershey Bears -------- T-SHL (1932-33), EAHL (1933-38), IAHL (1938-40) AHL (since 1940)
  11. **Los Angeles Blades -- WHL (1961-67), PHL (1978-79), RHI (1992-97)

Port Huron FlagsSaint Paul Rangers and Johnstown Jets, were actually modified Detroit Redwings, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs regular size dolls. I believe that all 3 dolls were made between 1963-1970. Decals were apparently scraped off the base and chest. Port Huron Flags and the 2 crossing flags are DECALS on the base & chest. Notice that the bottoms of the flags are actually hockey sticks. Saint Paul Rangers doll= has a paper sticker or label across the "NEW YORK" decal on the base. Johnstown Jets doll= was hand painted on the base and the word "Jets" was hand painted on the chest of the Johnstown doll. Of the 6 or 7 Johnstown Jets dolls I have ever seen; all were painted just a little different. 3 dolls had just the fronts painted with "Johnstown" & "Jets". One doll; in Tim Hunter's auction (April 1997), had an "A" painted on the chest for the assistant captain (Billy Ives). It also had a "12" on the right shoulder. I now believe that the name "Billy Ives" may have been also hand painted on the back of the base. It also may have had a date for the year that he played & a 12 on his back. Bill Ives played for the Jets between 1962-69. I recently (11/04) saw a Johnstown doll that had a #14 on the shoulder AND back with the players' name (Danny Patrick) on the back of the base. It also had a date (1964-5) on the side of the base. Dan Patrick played for the Jets between 1961-68. The "JETS" logo below the doll picture is from the 1968 season. I included a copy of an old Port Huron schedule which will show you what the chest decal should look like in more detail. (See pictures below)

** The Hershey Bears doll has only "JAPAN" on the bottom of the base & the LA Blades doll has "MADE IN JAPAN" stamped on the base. Hershey Bears Doll has "Hershey" on the chest and nothing on the base. The LA Blades Doll has "Blades" on the chest and nothing on base. These dolls did not have dates on the bases. I would guess that they were produced somewhere between 1962-67. The Hershey" logo below the doll picture is from the 1974 season. The "BLADES" puck picture was from the mid 60's.

VARIATIONS= New York Rangers doll with a black colored base decal. They normally have a white block lettered base decal. It appears to be the same "New York" decal as used on the 1963-65 N.Y... Mets green base dolls. The same base decal that was later used on the NY Rangers 1967 Gold Base doll. This doll used a straight spring that had 8 - 10 coils instead of the typical stem type spring. (See picture below)

In the last 5-6 years, i have seen 2-3 Ranger dolls where the NEW YORK on the base was pad-printed or Stenciled on the base. I didn't think it was real at first but i did see 2 more after the first one. I have no idea why these dolls exist other than the Japanese ran out of decals to finish a lot of dolls?

This doll was in a 1997 Tim Hunter's auction. Notice the "1" on the right shoulder & the "A" on his chest. According to my research, Bill Ives played for the Jets between 1962-69 & his jersey number was #12 for years 1963-66.

Dan  Patrick  played for the Jets between 1961-68.


(This is a Detroit Redwings doll that had the chest and base decals replaced with Port Huron decals)

New York Rangers "Black Decal Variation" & typical Regular series dolls
(Notice the gold base series decal on base & the hair color differences.

New York Rangers "Black Decal Variation" Doll
(This has a straight coil spring design). A 25-35% premium should be added for this doll. (See "CLOSE UPS" section for a better picture of this doll)

New York Rangers "Stenciled or Pad-printed Variation" Doll

a Typical "Regular series" box. 
(the "BLACK" on the box signifies the hair color of the doll - T. Hunter)

(This is a New York Rangers doll that had the original chest decal and base decal replaced with Saint Paul white paper label - NOT a decal)



This photo showing a souvenir vendor was from 1965-66. Notice the "Regular" series dolls above his head.

This photo was supplied by well-known hockey memorabilia expert Bobby Burrell from Toronto (9/2021)