Blinking Eyes / Blinkers


(notice the "A" on the Detroit jersey & chest decals)

Boston Bruins Blinker -------------- (Players body)
Chicago Blackhawks Blinker ----- (Players body)
Detroit Redwings Blinker --------- (Players body)
Montreal Canadiens Blinker------ (Players body)
New York Rangers Blinker ------- (Players body)
Toronto Maple leafs Blinker ----- (Goalie body)



As of August 2016, thanks to Normand McDonald from New Brunswick, Canada , I now own all 6 dolls in the "BLINKER" series; 1 for each of the "original 6" teams. I purchased my first doll (Chicago Blackhawks) in June of 2000.  As you can see in all the pictures below, that there was a player and a goalie figure. I have no idea if there is a goalie for each team. I was told by the person that I bought my first doll that the dolls were part of a promotion by the Laura Secord Chocolate Company from Canada back in the early to mid 60's.  Another reason that they were probably from this time was that the Toronto Maple Leafs chest showed on the doll below; was changed in 1967.  This sticker information was given to me by a friend in Canada (Bobby Burrell) Feb. 2011. For what ever it is worth, when i bought my Montreal Canadiens Blinker in 2013, the woman i bought it from swears her father bought it in 1964.

The dolls are made of composition and have a white sticker on the bottom that has "JAPAN" stamped on it. They are 7 1/4" tall. Head is 2 1/2" in diameter and 3" tall. Each doll has a 7/16" diameter eye glued in position that blinks when moved. The dolls have decals on their backs & on one on the shoulders. The Detroit Blinker that I have, has a "A" on the chest. The chest decals used on the dolls are the same type that is used on the Regular, High Skate & Gold base dolls. They are about 13/16" tall. The blinkers use a "straight coil" type spring for the head

the numbers "12".  "16" & "10" are DECALS,  the #1  on the Toronto goalie was hand painted

Notice the numbers on the shoulders. The #1 on the Toronto goalie  & the #12 on the Boston were hand painted.

(notice the "JAPAN" on the paper label)

CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS "BLINKER" I was told by a fellow collector, that the same doll is on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. After contacting the H.O.F., I was supplied with a picture, shown below, by Stephen Ward who was their coordinator of new business and E-Business (8/2001). He said the doll was in the Household Family Zone display called the "Attic". It showed a typical Canadian family around the television set watching "Hockey Night in Canada" on a Saturday night during the 1950's. There is actual footage of 50's NHL games ; with Foster Hewitt doing the play by play, and advertisements on the television.

Picture of a Chicago Blackhawks doll on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada



Toronto Maple leafs GOALIE Blinker -  i do not know if there were blinkers for the other teams.























Picture above is a LAURA SECORD ad from a 1963 Toronto Mapleleafs hockey program.

Although it doesn't mention anything about bobbing head dolls, It does show that they were associated with hockey.

I have written the Secord company 2 or 3 times; along with other people i know; and have not been able to get any info

if they were involved with the the distribution of the Blinkers.