From my research, it appears that the Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings and the New England Whalers were the only teams to advertise their hockey dolls in their game programs. In regard to hockey magazines, see pictures below for ads found in Hockey Pictorial magazines. I recently found a 3 1/2" x 6 1/4" advertisement card that was placed in Toronto Maple Leafs programs in the mid 60's. (see pictures below) I also found a full-page ad in a 1963 Toronto Maple Leafs game program featuring a Toronto Maple Leafs high skate doll. (See High Skate doll section). I did find an ad in an April 23, 1971, HOCKEY NEWS that showed a Boston Bruins gold base doll. UPDATE= (Sept/04) Thanks to a very helpful magazine dealer on Ebay who took the time to look through some of his old hockey magazines, he found an ad that shows a Gold Base Boston Bruins doll in a May 1971 Hockey pictorial magazine. UPDATE= (March/2015) My thanks to Santo LaCasto from Chicago Sports & More - who sent me an ad for a local sporting goods shop that had a Chicago Blackhawks doll in the picture. He found it in a 1971 Chicago Blackhawks hockey program. (See picture below)

This advertisement was in a February 1964 & April 1965 "Hockey Pictorial Magazine" 
(Notice the CHICAGO High Skate doll on the left and the TORONTO High Skate doll on the right)


This advertisement was in a January 1965 "Hockey Pictorial Magazine" (Notice the CHICAGO  & the TORONTO High Skate dolls are BOTH on the left)

This advertisement was in a 1964 Simpson- Sears book - Xmas catalog (Notice the ad is for a TORONTO High Skate doll)

 Dolls were sold for $0.98   -- I wonder why BOSTON & NEW YORK teams were not listed.

(This advertisement was sent to me by Mike Bent from Toronto - 2018)


I was told that this 3 1/2" x 6 1/4" advertisement card was found in a Toronto Maple Leafs program. There are no noticeable perforation tabs or detachment points on card, so I am assuming it was loose in the program. I wonder if it may have been a card that was available or handed out at the concession stands or souvenir areas at Maple leaf Gardens? Anyone out there attend Toronto Leaf games in the mid 60's that might remember? Let me know - THANKS!




This advertisement was in a New York Rangers program Oct 17,1971. Notice the "MASCOT DOLL" sold for $1.25. This ad was sent to me by Stephan Santero.



This is first example of an ad for a Gold Base series doll that I have ever seen. This was in a May 1971 "Hockey Pictorial Magazine". Notice that the doll sold for $1.75 and that the listing only mentioned six NHL hockey teams although there were 8 NHL teams that had dolls by 1971.


Advertisement in a 1963 Toronto Maple Leafs program 
"NHL Mascot Doll ........... $1.25 ea.
Available in all six team uniforms.


This is page from a 1974-75 hockey program for the New England Whalers. Page shows various kinds of souvenirs that could be bought. Most important is the listing for BOBBING HEAD DOLL for $2.00



This is an ad in a National Hockey League program (October 11th, 1971) for Chicago Blackhawks merchandise by a store called "ALL SPORTS" in Chicago. It shows a Chicago Blackhawks Gold Base series doll on the shelf.  

 (Pictures sent to me by Santo LaCasto from Chicago Sports & More - spring 2015)



 An April 23,  1971 HOCKEY NEWS ad 



This is an ad in a Sports Life INC catalog from 1972. It showed merchandise of all types for NHL hockey teams. In 2 of the ads, one picture shows a Montreal Canadiens Gold Base series doll in a Xmas stocking with a puck & the other picture has Montreal Canadiens Gold Base series doll in the background.

(pictures posted February 12, 2023)