(used by Tim Hunter; from his book & John Brey; Nodderexchange):

"Gem" - Beautiful, bright, shiny, out of the box colors. Any Nodder that is labeled "Gem" is special. Because not all "Gem" nodders are perfect, we will combine the gem logo with the following grades:

Mint - No flaws, unless minor factory problems such as minor paint overruns or minor factory paint problems or bumps.  A "Mint" doll is one that have no flaws, but not the eye appeal of a "Gem Mint" doll.

NrMt - Most "nice dolls" fall into this category. A NrMt doll could have a couple hairlines in back or side or a minor problem in the front that doesn't detract from its overall appearance. Some peoples "Nr Mt" is another persons' VG. 

Ex - An "average doll" with no major problems. Great for display if not for investment. Often times paint chips on high points. Maximum of 3-4 small flaws such as hairline cracks, micro paint chips & etc. Or 1 or 2 larger flaws such as a large crack or paint chip. NO MISSING PIECES!

VG - Assorted problems. Not an investment grade bobber but often nice enough for display. Pieces missing up to 1". A doll with many flaws.