Most of the dolls were packaged in plain brown or white corrugated cardboard boxes. Some had the team's name and "Japan" stamped on the end of the box. Some just had "MADE IN JAPAN" on the end. The mini boxes had a rectangular white sticker, which had the team's name abbreviated and "Made In Japan" on it. The box for the Intermediate High skate, Blue Base & minor league series dolls had a colored sticker that showed a hockey "Mascot", team name and distributor's information. Is there a premium for having the boxes? YES

Value for boxes= A box for the Regular & Mini Mini-series dolls could add $5.00 - $15.00. They were plain and had limited markings. A box for the High Skate, Gold Base & Swedish series dolls could add $25.00 - $50.00. They were also plain and had limited markings, but you just don't see them offered. A box for the Intermediate High skate and Blue Base series dolls could add 10% - 25% of the doll's value. They had a color-printed sticker on the top of the box and usually a white sticker on the side of the box listing the team. Tim Hunter told me that the Gold Base dolls were sometimes shipped in a large crate style cardboard box that held 12 dolls at a time. This may be similar to the way the 1967-68 football merger series dolls were sent to the stadiums or distributors.  I have seen a few different Gold Base hockey dolls with their original box. (See below or the individual series for examples of some boxes.)

Also, if anyone has a box from any of the odd ball hockey dolls, I would appreciate a picture for the website!


Boston Bruins MINI box (notice the "BB" on the sticker).

New York Rangers MINI box (notice the "NYR" on the sticker).

Toronto Maple Leafs MINI box (notice the "TML" on the sticker).

(notice the original neck collar on the doll).



Typical "Regular series" boxes. 
(the "BLACK" on the box signifies the hair color of the doll - T.  Hunter)

a Typical "GOLD BASE series" box. 


a box variation for "GOLD BASE series" dolls. - printed VS. a sticker


(print on box = "Imported From Japan by CPSE LTD, Cleveland")


Boston Bruins BLUE BASE doll box (print on box = "Imported From Japan by T. J. B. ENT.  INC")

Boston Bruins BLUE BASE doll box


Boston Braves BLUE BASE doll box (print on box = "Imported From Japan for T. J. B. ENT.  INC")


Typical HIGH SKATES doll box   ("B"  designates Boston / "C" designates Chicago) Toronto was

written on the box by previous owner

a Typical "INTERMEDIATE"  series" box.