THE 30 TEAMS THAT HAD DOLLS =  (last team added was the LEKSAND IF Swedish doll - April 2016)

  • Number in parenthesis is number of dolls for that team during the 1960's & 70's.
  • The letter in the 2nd column represents which series the dolls were made from. 
  • The league listed indicates where the team played in when the TEAM was introduced.
AIK [Rats] (1)  Swedish Elit-League  since 1922
Baltimore Clippers (1)  O American hockey League 1962-76
Boston Braves (1) B American hockey League 1971-74
Boston Bruins (7) R, M, H, I, G, B, BK  National Hockey League since 1924
Brynas IF [Tigers] (1) I Swedish Elit-League late 1950's
Chicago Blackhawks (6) R, M, H, I ,G, BK National Hockey League since 1926
Cleveland Crusaders (1)  B World Hockey Association 1972-76
Detroit Red Wings (6) R, M, H, I ,G, BK National Hockey League since 1932
DIF [Iron Stoves] (1) Swedish Elit-League      since 1922
FBK [Wolves] (1) Swedish Elit-League since 1932
Frolunda IF [Indians] (1) Swedish Elit-League since 1944
Hershey Bears (1) R American hockey League since 1938
Johnstown Jets (1) R Eastern Hockey League 1955-73
Leksand IF [Stars] (1) I Swedish Elit-League Since 1938
Los Angeles Blades (1) R Western Hockey League    1961-67
Los Angeles Kings (1) G National Hockey League since 1967
Montreal Canadiens (6) R, M, H, I ,G, BK National Hockey League  since 1917
New England Whalers (1) B World Hockey Association 1972-79
New York Rangers (8) R(2), M, H, I, G, O, BK National Hockey League  since 1926
Port Huron Flags (1) R International Hockey League 1962-71
Portland Buckaroos (1) O Western Hockey League    1960-74
Saint Paul Rangers (1) R Central Hockey League 1963-66
Salt Lake City Eagles (1) G-O Western Hockey League 1969-74
San Diego Gulls (2) G(2)-O Western Hockey League 1966-74
SSK (Blue Lightnings) (1)  I Swedish Elit-League since 1924
St. Louis Blues (2)  G(2)  National Hockey League since 1967
TIMRA [Red Eagles] (1)  Swedish Elit-League since 1938
Toronto Maple Leafs (7) R, M(2), H, I, G, BK National Hockey League since 1926
Tre Kronor "3 Crowns" (1)  I  Swedish National Team  since 1938
VIK [Black Eagles] (1) I Swedish Elit-League Since 1913


Abbreviations: R -- Regular Size series mold  
                           M -- Mini-series mold          
                            H -- High Skate series mold
                             I -- Intermediate High skate series mold
                            G -- Gold base series mold
                            B -- Blue base series mold
                            O -- Oddball mold designs
                          BK - "Blinking eyes" design