The faces of some of the dolls in the Regular, the 2 High Skate series & the Gold Base series had a reddish rouge on their cheeks. The Mini's and the Blue Base series dolls did not. Also, the Swedish dolls and a few of the odd-ball dolls did not have rouge. Some were sprayed very lightly and some very heavy. (See picture below of my Chicago Blackhawks Intermediate doll for example). It seems that painting the cheeks was a common practice by the Japanese. It can also be seen on some of the baseball and football bobbing head dolls from the 60's. As stated earlier, some doll faces had the rouge, and some didn't. It should not change the price of the doll.

 Typical REGULAR series face

Typical MINI series face

Typical GOLD BASE series face

Typical HIGH SKATES series face


Typical BLUE BASE series face

Typical BLINKER series face