CHEST & BASE DECALS = Most dolls have decals on the base and chest that designate the city and team name. Majority of the dolls did not have numbers on their shoulders or backs like some of the football and baseball dolls made in the 60's. There are two exceptions to my knowledge: The Salt Lake City Golden Eagle doll has "#7" decals on his back and shoulders and the "Blinking Eyes" doll series have decals on their backs & on 1 of the shoulders. The Detroit Blinker that I have has an "A" on the chest. There were 2 different size chest decals used on the dolls. For ease of comparison (because it is round), the Boston Bruins chest decal for the Regular, High Skate & Gold base dolls is 13/16" in diameter. The chest decal for the Mini and Intermediate dolls is 9/16' in diameter. (1/4" smaller!) The base decals were also scaled down in size between the Regular & Intermediate dolls. The Mini's had the team's name stenciled on the base and the bases for the High Skate & Blue Base dolls were plain. 

The Gold Base series =The dolls from this series appeared to use the same, black colored, base decals that were used on 1963-72 baseball & 1961-67 football dolls. Some were block letters and some were script. Chicago (script), Detroit (block), St. Louis (script), & Los Angeles (block) are good examples.