I have found that using a cleaner called "Simple Green", works great. It cleans, degreases, doesn't use solvents or bleaches, and is non-toxic. It cuts through some of the yellow stains caused by years of smoky conditions and the best thing is that it does not attack the decals. Obviously, you are not going to soak the doll in the solution. I usually spray it on a clean white rag and gently wipe the doll. Afterward, I dampen another rag with plain water and give it a once over. Be gentle as you apply pressure to the doll. To eliminate the possibility of rubbing off the paint, I have also just sprayed the doll with the Simple Green and then just rinsed it quickly with warm water. Just let it air dry. Simple Green works great on white areas. Don't forget, Q-tips are best way of getting in the tight areas. (Another Hint-- "Simple Green" works great on getting bugs off the front end of your car!)