To keep dolls from deteriorating, they should be stored in a glass or Plexiglas enclosed cabinet. A glass enclosure will also keep the dust, bugs and everything else that floats around in the air, off the dolls.


#1 - SUNLIGHT = The sun will fade the colors or dry out the decals and paints causing cracking in the finish.

#2 - SMOKE (cigarettes / cigars / pipes) = The smoke will turn the dolls yellow or brown in color with long term exposure.

#3A - PEOPLE = touching or handling the dolls too often is not recommended. Dirt, grime or oils from our skin can go into the finish of the dolls very easily. Always pick up the doll from the neck area so the head brim does not hit the neck post. If you like to handle or show off your dolls, some collectors place large cotton balls or tissue inside the head, so the head doesn't hit the neck post.

#3B - PEOPLE WHO SHIP INCORRECTLY = I send the following instructions for whenever I purchase a doll:

         (1) the neck post MUST be wrapped 4 - 5 times with tissue paper to prevent the head brim from touching the shoulders (impact damage).

         (2) After neck has been wrapped, the entire doll should be wrapped in bubble wrap and taped so the head does not move around.

         (3) specify that they use a large enough box so the doll can be surrounded by paper or other cushioning material during shipment


 Pictures below are some of my dolls in cabinets that i made for them. The cabinets were Sauder brand DVD cabinets. I made a door with a wood frame & used plexiglass to see the dolls. I also added mirrors in the back for a nice touch.