Baltimore Clippers

Blinking Eye dolls ---------- (covered in their own section)


New York Rangers BANK

Portland Buckaroos

Salt Lake City Golden Eagles

San Diego Gulls ------------ 2 COLOR VARIATIONS


Portland Buckaroos the Baltimore Clippers
6 inches tall --------------- 6 1/4 inches tall

The "Portland" on the base is hand painted in gold paint. The Baltimore Clipper's doll has "Baltimore" decals on both sides & a "Clippers" decal only on the front of the base. The Portland doll has a square black sticker on the base, which reads "JAPAN". This is the only hockey doll that I have seen that has 2 SEPARATE LEGS! The Baltimore doll has a MAGNET in the bottom of the base and an oval gold sticker that reads "MADE IN JAPAN". The Portland Bucks played in the Western Hockey League in 1960-74 & the Baltimore Clippers played in the American Hockey League in 1962-76. From my latest research, I feel that the Baltimore Clippers doll came out between 1970-76. I believe that they came out after the standard mold designs that appeared between 1961-69. If you look at the "SKIPPER" logo used on the original boxes (see picture below), that logo was the same as their jersey logo from 1962-76. Also, according to Pete Kerzel of Baltimore, MD., he remembers the Clippers dolls being sold at the Baltimore Civic Center in the $2.50 - $3.00 range in the mid 1970's. (Sept / 2004). A recent conversation with a person who was given a Clippers doll as a child; said he thought it was around 1970 - 72 (Dec / 2015).

Mel Pearson of the Baltimore Clippers (#7) in 1962-63
Source = Ebay auction #270013885760 (Aug 2006)

Baltimore Clippers doll with box.
(The "SKIPPER" logo was first used during the 1962-63 season)

Baltimore Clippers bottom
(notice the 5/8" dia. magnet & oval "Made in Japan" sticker)

Portland Bucks bottom
(Notice unique "JAPAN" sticker)




NY Rangers Bank, 9 1/2 inches tall, 3" diameter base has a 1 1/2" rubber stopper. Back has diameter black a 1 3/8" x 1/4" slot for coins. The NY logo on chest is a decal and "RANGERS" on base appears to be stenciled like the Mini dolls. It has a red & gold sticker that reads "Langfelder, Homma & Carrol Inc. New York City Made in Japan". Head is made of porcelain, body is composition (Paper Mache). I believe that this doll came out in 1971 - 72.

ranger bank bottom (notice the rubber stopper & sticker)

 (notice the Band-Aid on his nose, scar on left cheek and black eye!


Notice how 2 different dolls were painted. Trim on back of jersey; stripe on side of pants & leg; white paint under #7 decal on shoulder. 

The San Diego Gulls had 2 different head & body molds. Notice the position & shape of the legs and hands.

Original San Diego Gulls box with a doll
Sticker reads= "SEN GULLS

I want to thank Steve Smith from the San Diego area for information & the pictures of the box. He thinks that he bought the doll (with box) in January 1974 for around $1.50.

Original liner for the San Diego Gulls box

Logo used by the 1967 San Diego Gulls
"GULLS" was on their uniforms