Baltimore Clippers

EAHL (1945-49), Eastern Amateur Hockey League
EHL (1954-56), Eastern Hockey League
AHL (1962-76), American Hockey League
SHL (1976-77), Southern Hockey League.
EHL (1979-81) Eastern Hockey League

Hershey Bears

T-SHL (1932-33), Tri-State Hockey League
EAHL (1933-38), Eastern Amateur Hockey League
IAHL (1938-40) International-American Hockey League
AHL (since 1940) American Hockey League

Johnstown Jets

EAHL (1950-53), Eastern Amateur Hockey League
IHL (1953-55), International Hockey League
EHL (1955-73), Eastern Hockey League
NAHL (1973-77) North American Hockey League

Los Angeles Blades

WHL (1961-67), Western Hockey League
PHL (1978-79), Pacific Hockey League

Port Huron Flags

IHL (1962-71) International Hockey League
IHL (1974-81) International Hockey League

Portland Buckaroos

PCHL (1928-31), Pacific Coast Hockey League
NWHL (1933-36), North West Hockey League
PCHL (1936-41), Pacific Coast Hockey League
WHL (1960-74), Western Hockey League
WIHL (1974-75) Western International Hockey League

Saint Paul Rangers

CHL (1963-66) Central Hockey League


Salt Lake City Golden Eagles

WHL (1969-74), Western Hockey League
CHL (1974-84), Central Hockey League
IHL (1984-94) International Hockey League

San Diego Gulls

WHL (1966-74), Western Hockey League
IHL (1990-95), International Hockey League
WCHL (1995-03) West Coast Hockey League
ECHL (2003-04) East Coast Hockey League


Portland Buckaroos and the Baltimore Clippers
6 inches tall --------------- 6 1/4 inches tall

The "Portland" on the base is hand painted in gold paint. The Baltimore Clipper's doll has "Baltimore" decals on both sides & a "Clippers" decal only on the front of the base. The Portland doll has a square black sticker on the base, which reads "JAPAN". This is the only hockey doll that I have seen that has 2 SEPARATE LEGS! The Baltimore doll has a MAGNET in the bottom of the base and an oval gold sticker that reads "MADE IN JAPAN". The Portland Bucks played in the Western Hockey League in 1960-74 & the Baltimore Clippers played in the American Hockey League in 1962-76. From my latest research, I feel that the Baltimore Clippers doll came out between 1970-76. I believe that they came out after the standard mold designs that appeared between 1961-69. If you look at the "SKIPPER" logo used on the original boxes (see picture below), that logo was the same as their jersey logo from 1962-76. Also, according to Pete Kerzel of Baltimore, MD., he remembers the Clippers dolls being sold at the Baltimore Civic Center in the $2.50 - $3.00 range in the mid 1970's. (Sept / 2004). A recent conversation with a person who was given a Clippers doll as a child; said he thought it was around 1970 - 72 (Dec / 2015)


Mel Pearson of the Baltimore Clippers (#7) in 1962-63
Source = Ebay auction #270013885760 (Aug 2006)

Baltimore Clippers doll with box.
(The "SKIPPER" logo was first used during the 1962-63 season)

Baltimore Clippers bottom
(Notice the 5/8" dia. magnet & oval "Made in Japan" sticker)

 Portland Bucks bottom
(notice unique "JAPAN" sticker)


** The Hershey Bears doll has only "JAPAN" on the bottom of the base & the LA Blades doll has "MADE IN JAPAN" stamped on the base. Hershey Bears Doll has "Hershey" on the chest and nothing on the base. The LA Blades Doll has "Blades" on the chest and nothing on base. These dolls did not have dates on the bases. I would guess that they were produced somewhere between 1962-67. The HERSHEY" logo below the doll picture is from the 1974 season. The "BLADES" puck picture was from the mid 60's.

This doll was in a 1997 Tim Hunter's auction. Notice the "1" on the right shoulder & the "A" on his chest. According to my research, Bill Ives played for the Jets between 1962-69 & his jersey number was #12 for years 1963-66.

Dan Patrick played for the Jets between 1961-68.


(This is a Detroit Redwings doll that had the chest and base decals replaced with Port Huron decals)

(This is a New York Rangers doll that had the original chest decal and base decal replaced with Saint Paul white paper label - NOT a decal)


(Notice the Band-Aid on his nose, scar on left cheek and black eye!)

Notice how 2 different dolls were painted. Trim on back of jersey; stripe on side of pants & leg; white paint under #7 decal on shoulder.

The San Diego Gulls had 2 different head & body molds. Notice the position & shape of the legs and hands.

Original San Diego Gulls box with a doll
Sticker reads= "SEN GULLS

I want to thank Steve Smith from the San Diego area for information & the pictures of the box. He thinks that he bought the doll (with box) in January 1974 for around $1.50.

Original liner for the San Diego Gulls box 

Logo used by the 1967 San Diego Gulls
"GULLS" was on their uniforms